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Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Consultant @ DevRel


Advanced React Workshop

Dive deep into the world of React in this advanced workshop, designed for experienced developers seeking to enhance their React skills. Our interactive sessions will cover the latest features and best practices in React development, including how JSX works, the Fiber architecture, and advanced component patterns. Learn how to optimize performance, manage state effectively, and build scalable, maintainable applications. You'll get hands-on experience ensuring you can apply your knowledge immediately. Whether you're working on large-scale projects or intricate single-page applications, this workshop will elevate your React expertise to the next level. Join us for an enriching journey into advanced React techniques, networking with industry experts, and pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve with this powerful library.


Tejas Kumar is an international keynote speaker with an engineering background spanning 22 years, from design to frontend to backend to devops. Today, Tejas shares talks at large with developer communities worldwide, equipping them to do their best work.

CityJS London 2024, 3-5 April 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events