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Alexa Spalato

Alexa Spalato



Simplifying Complexity: Building Powerful, Scalable Apps with Remix

Unlock the full potential of web development with Remix, the modern full-stack framework designed for efficiency and performance. In the fast-paced world of web development, balancing code simplicity, SEO, and performance can be a challenge. Discover how Remix can simplify these complexities through its innovative approach to web development rooted in web fundamentals This 4-hour workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of Remix, including routing, data loading, and mutations. We’ll also dive into optimizing for SEO, effective error handling, and explore advanced concepts like prefetching, progressive enhancement, and optimistic UI. Practical sessions will equip you with the skills to implement these features in real-world projects. Enhance your development toolkit with Remix and build more responsive, efficient web applications.


I am a web developer and entrepreneur living in the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca

CityJS London 2024, 3-5 April 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events