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Roy Derks

Roy Derks

Developer Experience @ IBM


Building AI Applications for the Web

Today every developer is using LLMs in different forms and shapes, from ChatGPT to code assistants like GitHub CoPilot. Following this, lots of products have introduced embedded AI capabilities, and in this workshop I'll make LLMs understandable for web developers. And we'll get into coding your own AI-driven application. No prior experience in working with LLMs or machine learning is needed. Instead, we’ll use web technologies such as JavaScript, React and GraphQL which you already know and love.


Roy is an entrepreneur, speaker and author from The Netherlands and, in his own words, "wants to make the world a better place through tech".
He has been giving talks and training to developers worldwide on technologies like GraphQL, React and TypeScript. Most recently he wrote the book Fullstack GraphQL.

CityJS London 2024, 3-5 April 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events