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Glenn Reyes

Glenn Reyes

Independent Software Engineer


Advanced TypeScript for React

Participants in this workshop will deep dive into the patterns of typing React Components and explore strategies for maintaining type-safe and scalable code. We will cover a wide range of topics, from Compound & Polymorphic Components to Discriminated Union Types, Function Overload Components, and much more. Our aim is to explore new TypeScript features and discover how they can enhance the type-safety of our applications. By the end of the workshop, participants should possess a deep understanding of TypeScript strategies for building superior React Components.
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with TypeScript and React


Glenn is a software engineer, tech speaker and workshop instructor with a passion for building innovative products and beautiful user interfaces using cutting edge web technologies and open source software such as React, GraphQL and TypeScript. Aside from tech, you’ll find him either traveling, on a road bike or playing the guitar.

CityJS London 2024, 3-5 April 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events