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Jason Lengstorf

Learn With Jason


Putting fun back into coding

Speaking on 15:20 at Main Auditorium
Web development doesn't need to be an exhausting race to keep up on every new tool or idea. Despite the whirlwind of FoMO and hot takes that shout over many online spaces for developers, that's not the only way to stay relevant and keep growing as a developer. In this talk, Jason Lengstorf will share his approach to learning and growing in a way that's fun, sustainable, and arguably more effective. Along the way, you'll see the kinds of projects Jason builds for fun and examine how each one might appear useless, but actually drove very real learning and career growth.


Jason Lengstorf is the host of Learn With Jason, where he helps tech companies connect with developer communities through better devrel strategy and media. He's trying his very best to follow his own advice. He lives in Portland, Oregon.