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Ramona Schwering

Developer Advocate @ Okta


Vue Fortified: Best Practices for Web App Security

Speaking on 10:30 at Education Centre
In today's world, prioritizing your application's security is crucial. All the data stored in it should be kept safe and protected, just like the inhabitants of a fortress that rely on high walls for their defense. However, history and movies have shown that even the strongest walls can't withstand an attack if weak points can be exploited. This is also true for VueJS applications. Join me for a concise, practical session on fortifying your Vue.js apps against security threats and implementing best practices.


Ramona is working as a Developer Advocate at Auth0. She is also a software engineer with roots in quality assurance. She owns both views of the product - that of a tester and a developer. Ramona primarily uses this to strengthen trust in test automation and support the testers and developers alike, becoming a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, Women Techmaker Ambassador, and Cypress ambassador.