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Daniel Roe

Framework Lead @ Nuxt


Building a Better Hammer - The Story of Nuxt 4

Speaking on 10:30 at Main Auditorium
We'll explore what's new in Nuxt 4, and the architectural decisions we've made to make it 'a better hammer', no matter what kind of project you're facing. I'm aiming for something useful for anyone, even if they don't use Nuxt. So thinking about framework philosophy, and inspiring people with what's under the hood.


Daniel leads the Nuxt core team - previously CTO of SaaS startup and founder of a creative agency focusing on clarity of vision and message. His open-source work has a focus in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystems and he's involved in consultancy with companies around the world, particularly around JAMstack, serverless and software architecture. He's based in Scotland where he lives with his family and cat.