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Tan Li Hau

Frontend Developer @ Shopee


SvelteKit & the Magic of Progressive Enhancements

Speaking on 09:15 at Education Centre
Join us on a playful journey through the world of SvelteKit, where we sprinkle some progressive enhancement magic to turn your websites into delightful experiences for everyone. We'll explore how SvelteKit makes web browsing smooth and interactions snappy, all while keeping things accessible and fun. If you're curious about making your web projects more engaging with a few simple tricks, this talk is for you. Let's dive into the enchanting possibilities together!


Originally from Malaysia, Li Hau is an expert engineer at Shopee and a core maintainer of Svelte. Growing up from a lovely town in Penang, Malaysia, he speaks multiple languages, Chinese, English, Malay as well as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. In his free time, he writes about JavaScript frameworks and tools.