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Simon Holthausen

Software Engineer @ Vercel


Svelte 5 - everything about the new APIs

Speaking on 14:05 at Main Auditorium
Svelte is reinventing itself with version 5. The maintainer team has learned from past experiences and feedback, and is taking new directions with changes to the API. The biggest of these is the new Runes API, which for the first time allows Svelte's reactivity model to be used universally.
Although the changes are numerous, Svelte remains true to its core philosophy: it continues to be lean and has a strong focus on developer experience. This talk provides an overview of the changes and shows that Svelte has maintained its ease of use despite the syntactic changes, while becoming more consistent, scalable, and performant than ever.


Simon Holthausen is a software developer at Vercel. He's part of the Svelte maintainer team and works on it full-time.