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Tony Edwards

Sapphire Holidays


Midi Birds

Speaking on 12:30 at Main Auditorium
What happens when you curate a 500 item bird song data set, mix in a MIDI controller, and use native browser API's to blend them together? You'll get to find out in this session if you play your cards right. . . Bird song is a great example of the algorithmic properties of nature. Midi is the perfect way to express the algorithmic beauty of music within our web tech stack. Combining both with a dose of JavaScript and a smidgen of CSS, and you have the perfect platfroms for some bird based fun. In this talk, Tony will walk the CityJS community through the creation of a handful of cross platform TV games show games. You'll get a high level introduction to MIDI, a starting point for integrating into your codebase, and improve your knowledge of our feathered friends. Will the demos work? Probably. Will there be cat gifs? Almost certainly! Will you leave with a smile on your face? Definitely.


Tony Edwards is a software engineer with a love for all things web and a lecturer in Computer Science for Games at Plymouth University. Alongside constant code tinkering, he's a full-time cat carer, a part-time rapper, and an occasional morris dancer.