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Alexa Spalato



AI in Front-End Dev: Your Creative Partner or Job Snatcher?

Speaking on 12:45 at Education Centre
AI is shaking up the front-end scene, but is it a game-changer or a job-taker? Tired of repetitive tasks and boilerplate code? Picture this: AI handles the boring parts, letting you unleash your creativity on the stuff that really matters. But let's hit the brakes for a second—could this wizardry actually boot us out of our own jobs? In this eye-opening talk, we'll dive deep into AI tools that can level up your coding and design skills. We'll also tackle the burning question everyone's thinking but not asking: Is AI your future sidekick or the one that'll swipe your job? Get ready to learn how to make AI your ally in coding, all while keeping your career on solid ground.


I am a web developer and entrepreneur living in the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca