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Adora Nwodo



Observability for Resilience in Distributed Systems

Speaking on 10:30 at Lowther Room
In distributed systems, resilience is a fundamental necessity. My talk aims to shed light on the relationship between observability practices and the protection of distributed architectures against disruptions. As we rely on distributed systems to meet the demands of scalability and flexibility, understanding and mitigating failures are very important. The presentation will explore the resilience framework in distributed systems, its importance for modern software architecture, and best practices for building a resilient distributed system through effective observability. This talk will also focus on observability's role in maintaining the stability of distributed systems. Attendees will learn how observability acts as a proactive and reactive mechanism, which allows identification and response to vulnerabilities and disruptions. The talk will cover the essential components of observability—logs, metrics, and traces—highlighting their collective impact on achieving comprehensive insights into system behaviours and failures. Additionally, we will also explore advanced tracing techniques. These techniques help to facilitate in-depth root cause analysis and further enhance the resilience of distributed architectures. By the end of this talk, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of how observability empowers software engineering teams to detect issues, mitigate issues and proactively design and maintain resilient distributed systems.


Adora Nwodo is a multi-award-winning Senior Software Engineer and Pulumi Community Engineer. She currently works at the intersection of the Metaverse, Cloud Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence and is passionate about the Cloud and Emerging Technologies. She is also the Vice President of the Nigerian chapter for VRAR Association. Her work there involves creating more awareness for Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies. Apart from building and advocating for mixed reality technologies, Adora is a Digital Creator and the Founder of NexaScale, a social enterprise aimed at fostering the growth and development of technology enthusiasts by providing resources and opportunities for project building and work experience - helping them start and scale their careers. She has courses online that teaches people about Infrastructure automation, she has also published multiple articles on Software Engineering, Productivity & Career Growth on her blog, AdoraHack. She also has a YouTube channel for AdoraHack where she posts tech content that could be useful to Software Developers. Currently, Adora is a student of LEAD in the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Adora is the Author of the popular book "Cloud Engineering for Beginners". This book is currently helping a lot of people start their career as Cloud Engineers. She is also the author of “Beginning Azure DevOps, ” a book published by Wiley. Adora spends a lot of her time on Twitter and LinkedIn sharing about her experience as a woman in tech. She is extremely passionate about the developer community and is trying to drive inclusion for women in technology. She co-organizes community events for unStack Africa, contributes to Open Source, and speaks at technology conferences worldwide.