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Stephanie Shaw

Senior Software Engineer @ Beamery


Simplexity: Advanced TypeScript for pragmatic teams

Speaking on 18:00 at Beamery office
For experienced engineers, using advanced TypeScript concepts in your project can feel like a cheat-code for instant accuracy, reusability and efficiency. However, more junior engineers encountering these patterns for the first time might feel like they've been thrown into a boss-fight before they're ready.
In this talk, we'll dissect the thin line between clever code and collaborative chaos within development teams where not every engineer is a level 99 coding wizard. Using real-world scenarios, we'll revisit the timeless wisdom of keeping it simple in the hustle of tight deadlines and teamwork challenges.


Stephanie is a London-based senior software engineer, speaker and diversity advocate. At Beamery, she is currently working on transforming Beamery's CRM to showcase the skills and potential of every job applicant, empowering Fortune 500 companies to tackle unconscious bias and find the best person for the job.
As a neurodivergent woman in tech, Stephanie is passionate about helping others to build meaningful careers in tech where they can reach their full potential whilst being their authentic selves. Outside of work, she is a trustee of a local music charity and part of the flight-free movement.