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Ana Cidre

Manager, Developer Relations @ Okta


Career Up: Embrace & Engage

Speaking on 10:50 at Main Auditorium
Embarking on a journey of professional growth isn't just about getting better at what you already know. Join us for this talk where we explore the power of getting involved in your community and stepping out of your comfort zone. Learn how connecting with others, working on meaningful projects, and facing challenges head-on can open up new possibilities. You’ll learn practical tips and about real-life examples to help you develop a mindset that turns discomfort into a motivator for success. This talk iswill help you find the balance between personal and professional growth. Let's dive into the real world and explore how engaging beyond your comfort zone can shape your career journey.


Ana Co-leads the Developer Relations team at Okta. Her passion lies within the developer community and how to make it a more diverse and inclusive space for all. In addition to her day to day job, she is the founder of GalsTech, a group to support women in tech in her local region Galicia, and ngSpain, an Angular conference based in Spain. You will probably find Ana on a stage, working on making the spaces she is in more inclusive and diverse, or playing with her kids.